Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Weekend

The Smith's enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend - full of relaxing, good food, and family visits.  We're sure the family visits were really to visit the newest addition... Cooper the Puppy.  Yep!  After much deliberation, Puppy has officially been named Cooper.  (Special thanks to Sister and Sister's Fiance for their assistance Friday night!) 

Mr. Smith's family took us to a fabulous dinner at Bonefish Grill on Saturday night, and afterwards we all came back to our home for cake.  Not just any cake, mind you, but Snowman Cake.  Mr. Smith's grandmother made him these special winter-y creations for his birthdays growing up, and every year I always hear about the awesome Snowman Cakes.  This year I decided to bravely gone where no KitchenAid mixer in the Smith home has gone before... the creation of a Snowman Cake.  I must admit, it was my version of homemade (thanks, Pillsbury) and not "from scratch" like grandmother's version, but still really, really good.  And it took a really, really long time to do, but I had fun and the result was applauded by Mr. Smith.  I mean... who could ask for more?  A Snowman Cake and a black lab puppy?  Sounds to me like a perfect birthday party. 

Snowman Cake!

Apparently Mr. Smith and Cooper were so exhausted from the festivities, that this was their main position all weekend:

On the couch, stretched out, and either watching football or snoozing.  And yes, Cooper sleeps on his back like that, curled up next to Dadddy.  Precious thing.  Both of them.

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