Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Smith!

Mr. Smith's birthday is tomorrow, and I've been seriously deliberating on what to get him.  With our birthdays right after Christmas, it's always hard to give gifts!  :)  Not to get them though, right?  Mr. Smith has wanted a puppy since we have been together, but there was always a reason not to get one.  We already have our "special" cat, Abby, so it's not like we are pet-less people.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and surprise him with a black lab puppy for his birthday!  Because of the weather and National Championship game, I went ahead and headed over to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society yesterday at lunch.  It's really close to where I work, and I strolled the precious puppy displays for quite some time.  This little guy just stuck out to me, and thankfuly we hit it off in the "Adoption Room."  He seemed so sweet, so laidback, so angelic.  What a ruse!  He is quite the rascal upon getting him home! 

I love surprising people with gifts.  It's probably one of my Top Three things in life to do.  So when Mr. Smith got home from work yesterday and strolled in like usual, there was me and Puppy waiting on him.  I really do wish I had taken pictures of his face, because it was priceless.  He was quite baffled, and just kept saying "Really?  I mean, really?"  So cute.  He was like a little kid on Christmas!  Mission accomplished! 

Now comes the debate on what to name this precious thing, because right now he is being called "Puppy."  As in, "Puppy, please don't eat my new Pottery Barn bathroom rug.  Puppy, stop chasing Abby.  NO PUPPY NO - DO NOT TEE TEE IN THE FLOOR!!!"  (Please note this is usually me doing this, because I am the "bad" parent and Mr. Smith wants to be the "good" parent.)

I like the name "Ingram" for obvious reasons :  Mark Ingram is my hero.  I love him, his athletic prowess, his Heisman Trophy, his National Championship and most of all his sweet and humbling demeanor.  I feel like we could be friends.  Mark... if you're listening, facebook me.  Mr. Smith came up with a few suggestions of his own:  Wyatt, Max, Attila (that one got quickly vetoed) and we also like Cody.  For Mt. Cody of the Crimson Tide, of course.  We will keep you posted on this charmer's name...  as for now, please keep Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Abby and Puppy in your prayers for their sanity and patience. 


Learning tricks with Daddy.

Being adopted into a loving home is so exhausting!

Yes, Martin, he is still breathing. 

Hi Mom!  When are you going to stop taking pictures of me?

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! He's so cute. Tina, please let me know if I need to limit my comments, as it seems that I'm always conmmenting of every post! You really did a great job with this baby, though. Awesome present!!! Keep a running list of pointers for Mr. Dudley and me, as we will be the ones with a puppy in about 3 months!