Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Onward 2010!

I've been thinking a lot about Resolutions for the New Year, and I've basically summed in up in one big motto:  Fine Tune.  Yep, Fine Tune.  Fine Tune what, you ask?  Does that mean exercise more?  Firm up those flabby areas?  Yes, in a way - but to Fine Tune myself in general.  I've got some really great things going for me right now: I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband that God designed specifically for me to challenge me, grow with me, and live life with me.  I've got a supportive family; fabulous set of friends; roof over my head; two insane adorable pets; an awesome new job.... to sum it up: blessed beyond measure. 

So, I'll be doing some Fine Tuning in 2010:
  1. Fine Tuning my new "Mrs. Smith" role - Can I work at being a better, more supportive, nuturing, caring wife?  Yes.
  2. Fine Tuning my relationships with Family and Friends - Can I be a better daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, or friend? Yes.
  3. Fine Tuning my relationship with God - Can I make my life better as a more focused Christian?  Yes.  Can I seek a deeper relationship with Jesus through more regular Sunday mornings in church and Bible study?  Can I challenge myself to grow by reading more spiritually rather than leisurely? Yes.
  4. Fine Tuning my financial fitness - Ok, I'm actually pretty good here.  As the CFO, I'm OCD about our monthly budgets and financial planning.  But am I doing enough "Saving More and Spending Less?"  Doing enough planning for our long-term and retirement goals?  Yes, we're only in our 20's, but I want to enjoy my retirement, not skimp on it. 
  5. Fine Tuning myself, in general.  Ok, you get the picture now.  I will casually work on eating better and working out more.  There's no "Big Day" this year to motivate me to squeeze myself into a teeny, tiny wedding dress, but there are several bridesmaid functions happening.  Will I be as small as I was on the Big Day six months ago?  Lord, no.  But I can represent myself as the best possible version of myself. 
Actually... that's the mission statement of the "Fine Tune" goal:  to be the best possible version of myself.  Will it happen everyday?  Hahahaha, no way.  But I can try.  On the News the other night some anchor mentioned that the last decade was one of the worst decades in history.  Mr. Smith and I looked at each other and discussed it.  Our last decades were overall pretty good, we decided.  We grew up, got educated, got together, got further educated, got married, got domesticated, etc.  It's exciting to think where we will be when we contemplate this decade... let's see that will be 2020, and we'll be in our mid-thirties.  Yikes.  Never mind, no more contemplating!  That's enough for now!

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