Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mud, Mud, Everywhere There's Mud!

And by that title I mean that all that mud is in my house, thanks to The Pooper.  He gets great joy in tracking it in and then chasing Mom around the house while she is trying to sweep.  We've been keeping an old beach towel by the back door to rub down Coop when he first comes in from his backyard play, to no avail.  And then last night when I returned home from a girls dinner, Mr. Smith had traded in the old beach towel for one of our new, wedding towels.  Which is now covered in the Mud.  Sweet.

Got to go out on the town a little last night to experience a new restaurant in the 'Ham called Dodiyo's.  Be prepared to wait for an hour for your table.  Eight of us gals sat around catching up on the gossip for a good 60 minutes before we were seated, and the whole sha-bang lasted almost 4 hours.  But, I guess that's nothing when you've got great company, great food, and a great atmosphere, right?  We also had the joy of celebrating the engagement of a Miss CeCe Brown!  Congrats girl - we're all so happy for you! 

In other news... me thinks Rufus the Squirrel has fled the premises.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith have not heard this rascal in a couple of weeks now, so I'm hoping the coast is clear.  Perhaps the Pooper's arrival scared him away?  He is so ferocious. 

Tonight we are having the future Mr. and Mrs. Carroll over for dinner - roast, yum!  I'm pumped about another night of fellowship with some good friends who can't wait to make the acquaintance of The Pooper.  Cross your fingers he does not get the Mud all over them! 

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