Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Brother's Wedding Weekend

Wedding Weekend!

We started off the wedding weekend with a Bridesmaid's Luncheon at my place, where we gathered to celebrate the Bride and eat delicious food, of course.
This is the South.

We also sipped on some mimosas... a first for the Bride and her cousin from Connecticut. 
 I think they were a hit!

Friday night we celebrated with the Rehearsal Dinner.

The Bride and Groom... aren't they cute?

Wedding Day with the beautiful bride!
Might I say I have never been to a sweeter, more sincere wedding ceremony?
I may or may not have choked up during their personal vows. 
Who knew little brother had it in him?

My parents and their peeps.
Yes, they are very mature grandparents, you know.
Especially the men.
As I'm sure you can tell.
Good thing they aren't any fun.  At all.

That's H passed out on his Dee Dee.  
He was such a good sport all weekend.  

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