Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wrapping up Poland...

Hands down, the best museum we visited was the new(er) Warsaw Uprising Museum.

So interesting.... almost like a tangible 3D experience. 
Very interactive... for young and old fans alike!

Symbol of the Warsaw Uprising:

World War II Relics

Lots of interesting, fascinating facts of the destructive bombing of Warsaw during WWII. 
(Miastro = Town)

The Uprising used the sewer system to coordinate their Resistance, supply food, get around the city, etc.  These models let you crawl through to see just how it must have felt.
Exhibit A:  Mrs. Carroll

Prisoners from Jewish Ghetto

Warsaw's Old Town
Or, Stare Miastro in Polish.

Almost completely destroyed in WWII bombings, it has been meticulously rebuilt to look identical to its former glory.

I'm 93% sure this is the symbol of the Polish Army. 

I spy... something American. 
Only 8 zloty! 
That's about $2.40 American dollars.  

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