Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Big Boy

My baby is a toddler.


So says his new school, where he started on Monday.

I believe the term is "Young Toddler," which means the following:

1.  Time for sippy cups
2.  Once a day naps - on a mat, no less
3.  Table foods - like chicken nuggets, turkey, cheese, and scrambledeggs
4.  Juice, not milk, during meals
5.  A shoe requirement

To which I replied with quiet sobs.

To their face I said, "Sure sounds great.  Love it."

But inside I was sobbing. 
Not my Pork Chop! 
Not so fast!
He's still my baby!

Snuggle your little ones, new mommies - you blink and they are Big Boys before you know it. 

I think he's taking his Driver's License test next week.
I'll keep you posted.


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