Sunday, April 22, 2012

Party Time

We survived Harrison's first birthday party. 

I'm thinking of getting airbrushed t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. 

Cute invitations from my sorority sister: Sugar B Designs.
Check her out.  She's uber talented and doesn't blink an eye when you wait until the last minute to beseech her for invites. 

I love y'all, but I cut off our address.
I'd have all of you over for dinner, I swear, but safety first.

Mickey Mouse Door Decoration
Is it Pinterest worthy?
I hope so.
Give this girl some duct tape, and I can work wonders.

Dessert Table



Mickey Cake from Edgar's bakery

Cupcakes from Edgar's bakery

Hot Diggity Dog Station
Special thanks for Grillmaster Daddy Smith for the superb grilling.

Giggling with Aunt Anna

Babies Galore for these College Roomies: Mrs. Meriwether, Mrs. Shepherd, and Mrs. Baker.

The Searsons stopped by to celebrate with Harrison.

The Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Carden
Wedding's next weekend!!!

Mommy and Love Bug
His shirt is from an Etsy store - Grammes House - just in case you were wondering where to snag one.

Aunt Suz and Uncle Pelham - party back-up force for all things set-up and clean-up related.
Their hourly rates are pretty reasonable.

Still to come:  "I Love Cake" post from Harrison's Smash Cake Experience.

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