Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Truths about Transition

I've rejoined the corporate world.

I've survived for 2 weeks now, and I've been making a list of the truths that no one tells you during this transition.

Aren't you lucky you've got a friend like me to tell you?

Truth #1 - I'm bone tired.  I don't know how y'all are doing it.  The early rising, the getting ready, the getting the precious ready and fed, the packing for the child, the drop off, the journey into work....  welcome zombie mommy. 

Truth #2 - H picked up his very first cold... right on schedule, his second day of school.  I was warned - thoroughly - about this attack on his perfect little immune system, but it doesn't make it any better.  It's been a regular mucus parade around here, complete with nose bulbs, humidifiers, and Infant Motrin. 

Truth #3 - I cried at drop off.  I was actually fine until I got back in the car and that dang Mickey Mouse CD started playing.  Who knew "Hot Diggety Dog" could envoke such strong emotions?

Truth #4 - I still cannot walk in high heels. 

Truth #5 - I'm jealous of the gals I see in the elevator with the perfectly coiffed hair, stylish clothes, immaculate make-up, and manicured nails.  Especially when I catch a glimpse of me beside them with a messy ponytail and bags under my eyes.

Truth #6 - If you smear your new 16-hour-lipstick, say, on your cheek because you were trying to apply it during rush hour traffic and you had to slam on your brakes to not slam into the car in front of you... it will faintly stay on your cheek for the 16 hours. 

Truth #7- If you get to work and realize that your precious babe has left his oatmeal handprints on your shoulders and neck... foaming restroom soap will almost get if all off.  Or, you could rock the look as the "Oatmeal is the hottest accessory for Spring 2012." 

Truth #8 - If you arrive to job and realize your left pant leg is coming un-hemmed, you can use Scotch tape to hold up the hem and it will stay until 5pm.

Truth #9 - If you begin to catch your child's first cold as well, the Dayquil you managed to chug before running out the door will work fine... even if it says "Best Used by 2008" on the bottom. 

Truth #10 - There is nothing more precious than those 15-20 minutes of morning snuggling with H before the day starts.

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  1. I LOVE your blog! Your "tell it like it is" style is very refreshing! ; )