Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Preggers Post - Week 22

Don't be tardy for the party....  which is exactly what I am today.  Sorry folks! 

Time for your Preggers Post of Week 22!

Baby Boy Smith
Is finally ONE POUND this week.  (Shocking, as I've gained more than 10 pounds so far...)  The other 9 may or may not be the vast amount of holiday food consumed Thanksgiving-Now. 

He can grip his umbilical chord and perceive light.  So, if Mr. Smith holds a flashlight to my stomach, Baby Boy Smith may squirm away from it.  I'm not saying we've done this or anything, but it would be cool to notice if he dances away.  Gives the "Blinded by the Light" song a whole new meaning...

Momma Smith
Not much new in this category.

Still feeling large.

Still gagging at the morning teeth brushing, or in rare occasions, full-out throwing up if I eat something with a "bad bite."  I can't go into detail about it, because I will, for real, get sick.  Ask Mr. Smith. 

Still not making it through an entire night's sleep without 2-3 bathroom trips.  Getting thirsty between 6 - 9pm is not helping this matter either.  But seriously, it's like the Sahara, that's how thirsty I get. 

Got my first leg cramp recently and thought I was dying.  Apparently you get these fabulous things whilst preggers.

In Other News
Sister bestowed with me one of my top Christmas gifts - a Pregnancy Pillow.  OhmygawitissowonderfulIneverwanttoleavemybed.  That should sum it up!

Baby Smith racked up SO many cutie patootie things at Christmas, including onesies, pacifiers, and a Fisher Price Nativity Set. I could swoon, it was just so cute!

My sweet parents and brother came to our house yesterday and painted the Nursery, moved out furniture, and cleaned.  It's really starting to take action now, people!

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