Monday, December 6, 2010

O What a Wonderful Weekend!

Wow!  It's Monday, already?  Again?  Funny how it sneaks up on you like that.  Gets me everytime. 

Our weekend was wonderful.  Heavenly, really.  Lots of things checked off the To Do list, whilst being fun and fabulous at the same time!

Friday night Mr. Smith and I stayed in for Movie Night, which is quickly becoming a favorite tradition.  We're sensing these Movie Nights will quickly change to Disney themes, so we're trying to cram in those not exactly appropriate for little ears.  For instance, "Get Him to the Greek" was hilarious.  For us.  Not munchkins. 

Saturday morning, Mr. Smith galavanted off to Livingston to reunite with some long lost fraternity brothers for a little hunting, football, and (I'm assuming) frosty beverages.  Sometimes it's better not to ask for the finite details for such trips.  Especially when they arrive home safe and sound the next day. 

Saturday morning I was greeted by my brother and his lovely girlfriend, who visited for a couple of hours and picked up a handful of household items to relieve me of my cluttering anxiety.  Special thanks to them for this! 

My mother came down shortly afterwards, and we had a fabulous Girls Day, jetting around Birmingham doing mother-to-be and grandmother-to-be things such as lunch at Nabeel's, shopping at Korduroy Krocodile and other cute Homewood baby/maternity shops, catching a matinee of Morning Glory, and finishing it off with some Japanese food at Seikisui.  I suggest you visit Korduory Krocodile at your earliest convenience; well, you might want to give them a chance to re-stock their Baby Boy items, since we did a little damage to their supply.  :)  Thanks Mom/Grandmother-to-be!

Sunday morning Mr. Smith sculked back through the door, but we were soon quickly off again, running errands around Hoover that are awesome to be at during the holidays.  Please sense the sarcasm.  We ventured into the Galleria to exchange some blue jeans and ran screaming for our lives as soon as the exchange was made.  It's a madhouse in there, I tell you.  MADHOUSE. Enter at your own risk.  The Post Office and Michael's were no better, I'm afraid.  And after such insanity, we decided that only milkshakes from Johnny Rockets could set us straight.  They have been known for their healing properties, you know. 

Sunday evening was spent addressing Christmas cards, which went in the mail today! 
Yea!  I love the holidays! 

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