Monday, December 13, 2010

Jam Packed with Jollies and Jingles!

 Whew.... our weekend was jam-packed with lots of holiday goodness! 

Friday night we started off with our annual Falcon Christmas Party.  Why that name, you ask?  Mr. Smith and his fellow Falcons went to Central High School in Tuscaloosa, AL.  The Falcons were their mascot, and us wives lovingly refer to them as the Falcons.  It's better than "lost boys" which I coined early on. 

Last year we started the tradition of the five Falcons and their Falcon wives getting together for some Christmas dinner, Dirty Santa, Catchphrase, and good times!  Although some Falcons were missing (the Burns and Mrs. Pilsch who is about to birth her third munchkin any day now), we had a blast! 

Mrs. Carroll hosted this year's Soiree, and served up lots of homemade goodies, including Wassal, a delicious drink that I just couldn't get enough of.  Maybe it was her super cute container? 

Yes, this is homemade pecan pie and homemade coconut cake.  YUM!

Holiday Photo Op with Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Falcons Fly Together...
(I've refrained from putting pictures of the Dirty Santa on here.  Ahem  These boys take the word "Dirty" literally, and let's face it - this blog is G-rated.)

We missed you Burns and Mrs. Pilsch!

Saturday we picked up our nursery furniture!!!  More details to come on that fun adventure.

Saturday afternoon was spent with Sister, watching The Nutcracker, performed by the Alabama Ballet.  I can't wait to take Baby Boy Smith next year - I saw lots of little boys in the audience so I can do that!

I may or may not have dozed off during Act 1.  But everyone knows Act 2 is the best one. 

Sunday afternoon was spent with Sister again, whilst Mr. Smith was off hunting us a deer.  (And he finally got one!  Sorry Bambi - Mama needs to eat.)  Sister and I caught a matinee of Burlesque.  Think Coyote Ugly meets Dita von Teese.  I know I'll never look at Famous Amos cookies the same way again..... 

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