Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preggers Post: Week 19

Baby Smith
Grows to about six inches this week, and is now the size of a large mango.  He is able to dance around in there at leisure, but much to mother's chagrin, I cannot really feel him yet.  Dang you anterior placenta.  Also, the arms and legs are finally in proportion and cartilage is turning to bone.  

No name yet.  Mr. Smith is particularly picky about this duty, but I'll keep you posted. 

Momma Smith
Large and in charge.  I'm pretty sure I've started waddling instead of walking as my means of transportation these days.  To sum it up, I kind of feel like this:

I've experienced my first middle-of-the-night-oh-my-Gawd-I'm-starving moment, and helped myself to an Oatmeal Creme Pie after stumbling to the kitchen around 4am yesterday. 

Yesterday morning, seeing as it was 30 degrees, I decided to wear a wool blazer to work.  All was good until I tried to button it.  Ha.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Seizing the opportunity for comedic improv, I performed this little number for Coop Dawg and Abby:

I don't know if they were more impressed or frightened. 
They probably think I'm going to eat them.

And I thought I was doing really well with the whole Pregnancy Hormones/Split Personality thingy.  But you should ask Mr. Smith about that.  He has some thoughts of his own regarding this.  At one point Sunday he specifically requested for his sweet wife to return.  Ahem.  My apologies. 

Onward to fun stuff...
Like I said yesterday, Mother and I did some serious damage Saturday shopping for Baby Boy Smith. 

I myself have done some serious damage with the Old Navy & Gap holiday sales, and don't even get me started on ebay.  Yes, ebay.  I love it, as I've said before.  I love it even more now that I've discovered brand new with tags baby clothes on their ebay baby boutiques.  Somebody stop me. 

Our nursery furniture is slowly but surely arriving at JC Penney's, so I'm sure we'll be picking it up in the near future.  Read:  Mr. Smith will be picking it up whilst I supervise. 

Toodles Poodles.

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  1. I have a very hard time imagining you waddling, ma'am. Im sure you are the cutest thing ever!