Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hoopla

This past weekend was jam-packed, people.  Jam.  Packed.  Friday night we ventured to Tuscaloosa for the annual "Gang Christmas Party."  For a more accurate description and pics, check out Sister's blog

Saturday was spent running errands and picking up a couple of last minute things.  Read:  I went to one store and one store only.  Mr. Smith and his fam love to wait until the weekend before to get things going.  I cannot partake in this tradition because I would have a mild panic attack.  Plus you never know what these pregnancy hormones may do in a crowded environment.  You've been warned.

I even got to grab a quick lunch bite with Mrs. Baker. who was "recovering" from her morning facial.  Ah, what a tough life.  I don't know how she manages it.  I can talk that way because I've known her since we were, like, 5-years-old.  Those pics will remain buried; however, because nobody needs to see those. 

Mr. Smith and I headed back up to The Ham to rest a bit, let The Pooper romp around at the dog park, and change before heading to Montgomery for the future Mr. and Mrs. Hal Mooty's Engagement Party. 

Here's the Gang:

Doesn't the Future Mrs. Mooty look exquisite in her Christmas green? 
Love it. 

Sweet Mrs. Dee Mooty.  Such a precious blessing in our lives! 

Because I'm cheesy like that, I made Mr. Smith pose with me in front of the hostess Christmas tree.  It was gorgeous.

I heard putting your hand on your hip makes you look skinnier in your pictures. 
Every little bit helps. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Bremmerman for letting me borrow her cute cocktail dress. 
FYI - before you get pregnant, make sure you have a BFF who has already been there and done that, that way you can borrow all her cute clothes. 

Monday night, my sorority sisters and I had our Annual Christmas Soiree, held this year at Mrs. Grinnell's fabulous new home. 

Our tastes have changed just a tad over the years, as has our prowess in the kitchen.
Look at these scrumptious smoked salmon "thingys" Mrs. Grinnell served.
I may or may not have eaten 13 of them.

My Baked Brie with Granny Smith apple slices. 
Instructions on that fast and easy recipe coming up soon.

We played Dirty Santa with ornaments this year.  A lovely change of pace!

Mrs. Grinnell scored the "hot item" of the night - a customizable ornament. 
Lord knows we all love monograms around here!

Mrs. Wallace got these cute white/silver ornaments to go with her White & Silver Themed Tree this year. 

But they were quickly stolen by Miss Smith, who may also use them for earrings.
We play dirty people.  Hence the name, "Dirty Santa."

Nobody was ready to go home quite yet, so we attempted to play this...

But just ended up laughing the whole time anyway. 
Then again... that was the whole point, right?

Group Pic Time!

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