Friday, April 30, 2010

Running seemed like a good idea last night...

... but I'll give you a big guess how that turned out:

a.  Profuse sweating
b.  Dry heaving
c.  Awkward stops to lean over and put my hands on my knees
d.  Red, splotchy face
e.  All of the Above

If you guess "e", then you're the winner.  I'm not quite sure what I was thinking... wait a minute, yes I do.  Mr. Smith wanted to take The Pooper on a little jaunt to the dog park (free!), so we hopped in the truck and headed on over there.  My ambition took over, and I remarked that I could get some great running (free!) in while Mr. Smith played with Pup in the fenced in area. 

Now, look.  I have lots of friends who run.  They run marathons, run for enjoyment, run for fitness.  They look fabulous.  Here I am thinking why am I not partaking in this wonderfulness?  There's no joining a gym (hello, not in the budget!), and I will look just as fabulous for all the upcoming par-tays for wedding season.  Plus, they all seem to enjoy this hobby of theirs. 

All you runners out there are crazy.  I'm not going to lie, I thought I was going to pass out cold.  I can barely move today.  Too bad I was doing physical labor ALL DAY delivering academic calendars to area schools for work.  (If you haven't said a little prayer for a teacher today, please do it now.  I don't know how those guys do it every day.  Hi Mom!) 

My thighs hurt.  My shins hurt.  My abs hurt.  Those of you that know me know my feet (read: recovering bunion problems) hurt.  I'm pretty sure even my arms hurt.  Running, in all its free-ness, is not fun.  Does it get better?  Someone enlighten me please.  Make me feel better.

Update on the "No New Clothes for this Year's Wedding Season" Spending Freeze:  Party Weekend #4 of Spring Wedding Season is this weekend for Sister (as mentioned yesterday)... I've bought nothing.  Nada.  I swear.  I can do this. 

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