Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Monday, y'all...

Does anyone else feel like you get more rest during the week, because you're literally running around like a chicken with your head cut off on the weekends?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

Combine traveling across the state of Bama with an awesome sinus infection (that's mine) plus early morning turkey hunting (um, not me folks) and you've got one slightly groggy newlywed couple.  Friday after work, Mr. and Mrs. Smith plus Cooper headed to Tuscaloosa, where we grilled out with the in-laws.  Delicious.  There's nothing better than sitting outside, before the summer humidity hits and enjoying grilling out.  A couple of frosty beverages never hurts either.  We also got to so this Thursday night with Sister and her fiance, where we grilled out on our deck and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with some steak, veggies, stuffed potatoes, salad and exquisite red wine that Sister had brought over. 

Back to the weekend....  Mr. Smith awoke at 3:45am Saturday morning for this last day of turkey hunting.  Let's pause while we all shed a tear for him, right?  Later that day when normal people awoke, Mr. Smith took Cooper to spend the day and night with Uncle Geoff and Aunt Susan, and the four of us (Me, Mr. Smith and the in-laws) loaded up and headed to Montgomery for an engagement party. 

The party was delightful.  The setting was outside, with beautiful weather and delicious food.  A very, vergy elegant cocktail attire evening.  And then someone put on their iPOD with their 1980's set list... and I was hooked.   I'm not ashamed.  I love the songs of the 80's like no other.  The cheesier the better, and usually the bigger the hair on the band members' heads, the more I probably like it.  I also did not pack my camera, because for one, I was battling an annoying sinus infection.  And two... I didn't feel like this crowd would enjoy the paparazzi at their shin-dig.  They actually had a professional there, so hopefully I can scrounge up some pictures later. 

After a yummy brunch on Sunday morning provided by our dear friends the Mooty's, we headed back to Tuscaloosa to pick up our pup, then back in the car to Birmingham.  So... here's a recap:  Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.  Tuscaloosa to Montgomery.  Montgomery to Tuscaloosa.  Tuscaloosa to Birmingham.  That's a lot of time in the car, but thankfully I had packed a book that I'm reading "The Power of a Praying Wife."  It's entirely devoted to praying for your husband, divided out into specific chapters on everything from his health, his work, his integrity, etc.  I'm going to be honest here... I've caught myself rolling my eyes a handful of times.  However, I trust that the author's words are grounded in salt-of-the-earth goodness, so I will soldier on to finish the book.  I'm more than halfway finished, so I'll give a better recap of the book in its entirety upon completion. 

P.S.  Does anyone watch that TV show about Hoarders?  I've only seen a couple of the episodes, but I'm fairly positive Coop is a Hoarder.  Is that possible?  Can dogs be Hoarders too?  For the past few weeks, I've caught him under the bed with an array of treasures that he's been collecting around the house.  I always scoop them out (amidst his protests) and put them in their right place, but he is very good about restocking (or re-hoarding?) his prizes ASAP.  Just this morning I fished out several items from the kitchen garbage can, a few tissues, a pair of my delicates, and an old baseball tennis shoe of Mr. Smith.  Seriously...  can dogs be Hoarders?  Is this too deep for a Monday?

Happy Monday!

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