Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suz's Last Fling before the Ring!

So... it's the Wednesday after Suz's Bachelorette Party is beautiful Chattanooga, TN, and I'm honestly still tired.  I'm just not as young as I once was....  the realities of my old lady status caught up with me with a bang on Sunday morning.  Oh well.  We had an amazing weekend celebrating Suz the Bride, and here are some pictures to recap our weekend o' fun.  (Please note some pics have been intentionally left out... what happens at a Bachelorette Party stays at a Bachelorette Party...)  However, there are some pretty stellar stories, particularly about Germans, so ask me the next time we chat.

We started the day with an Easter Egg Hunt, and Suz had to answer questions about each of her bridesmaids in order to obtain the clues to find her big basket of goodies. 
Questions included... what would Kathryn be if she were a shoe? 
Answer: a really expensive high heel

What would Megan be if she were a book? 
Answer: something really inspirational and deep

What would Riley be if she were a clothing designer? 
Answer: something classic, like Nicole Miller

What would Christina be if she were a movie? 
Answer:  Erin Brokovich. 
Um, what?  I'm hoping this was a compliment, not a hint toward my wardrobe.  Right, Suz?

Suz found her basket of goodies!  No pictures of the goodies... use your imagination.
P.S.  Mr. Smith... can I have that glorious baby grand piano?  Puh-lease?

Next, we were all treated with fabulous spa services.  Everyone received 30-min. massages and either a manicure or pedicure. 

Kathryn, our Hostess with the Mostess, had yummy food like this chicken salad croissant prepared for us. 

Our limo picked us up around 8 p.m., then we headed into downtown Chattanooga for the Night O' Fun.  Yes, my eyes are closed.  Jimmy, our fearless driver, was a bit initmidated by the camera.  Oh well.  Memory captured!

We had dinner at Easy Bistro, where I decided to be girly and order a new frosty beverage, called "Cool as a Cucumber" cocktail instead of my usual.  After remarking that I felt like I was drinking the Bath & Body Works 'Cucumber Melon' body spray, it was quite nice.

The Bride enjoyed her fruity drink too, called the "West Coast Cosmopolitan." 

Kathryn, our Captain for the Weekend, had her Bachelorette Party Book of Dares, ready for action.  Ask me about those later, because this blog is G-rated.

The Bride with all her traditional garb.  Ready for the night!  We first hit The Big Chill, where we made fast friends with a group of 40-something year old men straight off the golf course.  Men: we are not impressed when you say you played golf all day and are enjoying a boys night out when your wife is at home with your new 5-month-old baby.  If looks could kill.... 

Sensing the need for more excitement, Captain Kathryn led us to a dance club.  Oh, how I wish I had taken in the camera.  I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.  We broke it down, then rested, broke it down some more, then rested.  All while fending off the lurchers from the Bride.  And the Germans.  And the Fedora Guy who thought he was Jason Mraz.  And the Bachelor Party guys who just knew we would think they were awesome.  False.  

Four hours later.... let's jump to Krystal's, where we felt it necessary to pick up hamburgers to finish off the night.  Me and the Bride, sharing an affectionate moment. 

However, Krystal's would not let us in.  Obviously we looked dangerous, so we had to go through the Drive Thru in the Limo.  We went through a lot of burgers, as you can tell by looking at the bag. 

This photo pretty much sums up my favorite part of the night: eating. 
The girls were so impressed with my speed of downing Krystal's hamburgers,
they felt it necessary to capture the memory. 
(Please disregard my manly biceps in this picture.)

Even the Krystal's hamburgers were bride-appropriate.  :) 
Thanks Tracy Hale #79! 

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