Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're Alive...

... but bogged down with the daily grind.  Mr. Smith left this past weekend for a little jaunt to the Beach for Mr. Pelham Carroll's Bachelor Weekend (who is getting married this weekend!), and I got the honor of being an absolute sloth all weekend with The Pooper and The Princess.  We laid out, ate on pizza, and got all caught up on TV.  It was glorious! 

Only one incident with Coop... and it's probably scarred our neighbors for life.  Coop and I were enjoying a leisurely time of laying out on the deck, when his little head perked up at the sound of pedestrians.  He proceeded to sprint out the fence door (which is broken and awaiting to be fixed by Husband), down our driveway, and across the street to meet these little boys (around 7-10 years old in age).  I was so shocked by his flight, that I was a little dumbfounded to be honest.  I hesitated, while shouting his name, but no way, he's not stopping.  I flung the beach towel around me, threw up on flip flops, and proceeded to sprint after him... looking quite possibly like the weird naked neighbor girl to these kiddo's.  Not to mention a Grease Monkey from all the lack of showering sunscreen.  There were witnesses, from the horrified boys to the cars driving by.  Completely and Utterly Mortifiying.  In my haste of thinking any second Coop could be run over or quite frankly injure these kiddo's with his sheer energy (read: jumping and licking), I had no lease.  I had to crouch down and grab his collar to haul him back across the street, up the driveway, and into the house, which he fought every step of the way.  So... to complete the picture I sort of resembled this guy:

And by that I mean Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a strapless 2-piece wrapped in a towel.  Out of breath and heaving.  Awesome.  Quite the impression to give your neighbors, right?

Coop got quite the spanking and then was put up in his kennel to think about what he had done.  I'm sure that made all the difference.  Sigh.  Parenthood is rough, guys. 

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