Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Watch out - 2 posts in one day!  Don't get used to it. 

For many years, I have loved Tina Fey.  She's sassy, she's real, she's brilliant, and she rocks a pair of glasses like no one else.  I feel like we are kindred spirits in some way.  She's in this month's issue of Vogue, and the article pretty much sums up my adoration for her. 

Here's a great passage that I've always aligned myself with, regarding politics; however Mrs. Tina wraps it up very nicely for me:

Fey's parents are Republicans, and she herself is an Independent. "The partisan nature of politics continues to appall me. I'm almost paralyzed by my inability to see things in black-and-white..."

Yes Tina! That is perfect!  Kindred spirits we will be, as I cannot make myself see things as only black-and-white.  I concluded a long time ago that my brain's wired a little bit differently, so maybe I only see the "gray" area in things?  Kudo's to you Tina! 

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