Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black Bean Soup!

Tonight Mr. Smith and I had one of our favorite dinners - Black Bean Soup.  I'm sure you could call it "Taco Soup" or "Fiesta Soup" but Black Bean Soup pretty much sums it up.  It is delicious and the recipe makes a ton, so I wanted to share.  An added plus is it's frugal, which you all know by now I love. 

My grandmother used to make this recipe, and it is scrumptious.

All you need are three basic ingredients:

You need about a pound of ground beef (or deer meat... whatever's in your freezer.  We've got a TON of deer meat right now, and it tastes just as good!).  A big thing of salsa... we get Pace Chunky Salsa in Medium, but Mild is good too.  And a can of black beans. 

First, brown and drain your meat. 

Put all three ingredients into a big cooking pot.  Then, fill up the black bean can with water and dump that in there as well.  If you want it more "soupy" you can two cans of water.  I would have put a picture here, but to be honest it doesn't look that appetizing until it's all stirred together.  :) 

Let it sit on Medium heat until hot.  It does take a little bit for everything to get warmed up. 

The Grande Finale:

Looks good, right?  Of course, to be really healthy delicious, I added some shredded cheddar cheese, a dallop of sour cream and some Tostitos, which Mr. Smith like to crumble up and put in his soup. 

Enjoy on these cold nights! 

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