Monday, March 29, 2010


Crispy.  Burned.  Lobster.  Tomato.  = Me.  :(

Saturday afternoon Cooper and I enjoyed the sun shine a little too much, as I finished up a book and he soaked in the rays.  Upon coming inside and getting ready for a Crawfish Boil later that evening, I happened to glance in the mirror and gasped in horror.  Mr. Smith, upon returning from a day of turkey hunting (yet still no meat... what gives?), also gasped in horror and then laughed hysterically. 

I'm sitting here two days later and still in pain.  I really should know better by now, but it just felt so good sitting outside!  It wasn't even that hot, so how was I suppose to know I was damaging my skin? 

My co-workers are getting a good chuckle out of this today, so thankfully I've provided some humor on this Monday. 

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