Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement.  Yep, that's right.  Mr. Smith and I are about to be separated for over a week.  We haven't taken this much time apart in a really, really long time.  Like a couple of years, I think.  However, we're both gearing up for work conferences.  Mine is in DC (my absolute favorite city!) and his in Chicago.  I'll be leaving Saturday through Wednesday, and he's flying out Sunday morning through Thursday.  The kicker is that Mr. Smith is actually leaving tomorrow morning to visit his family's farm in Mississippi.  And he's taking The Pooper with him to roam and run all those acres.  We end up missing each other with my morning flight on Saturday and his return home Saturday night. 

So... you're telling me I have 3 whole days to myself at home?  No Pooper tracking in mud and other miscellaneous "outside" debris?  No one to cook dinner for or clean up for but myself?  (And the Princess Abby Cat, of course)  I'm devastated.  No, really, I am. Are you catching my sarcasm?  I've got a mile long list of "Things To Do" which will actually get accomplished without Pooper interrupting my every move.  I'm going to mop.  I mean, really mop.  No Swiffer Wet Jetting it.  And put away my china, which is sitting in a couple of boxes from my latest pick-up in T-Town.  (Don't judge me.)  Maybe I'll even change out my winter clothes with my summer ones.  And I'm having dinner with my parents!  All by myself!  And I'm going to read every night without someone telling me to turn off the light.  Oh the joy!  The joy of solitary confinement! 

Please note that I love Mr. Smith and The Pooper dearly.  However, it was hard to contain my smile when Mr. Smith expressed his worry that I would be okay all by myself both at home and traveling up to DC.  I know I'm being selfish, but everyone loves a little "me" time right?  I like being by myself sometimes, and lately I don't think I can go anywhere in our little home without someone - Mr. Smith, The Pooper, or The Princess - barging in and needing something.  And we don't even have munchkins yet. 

I'm super excited about my upcoming journey to The District.  I've always loved that city, and I just knew when I was a little girl I was going to move up there and take over the world help make the world a better place.  Alas, love conquers all, right?  So anytime I get the chance to spend a few days up there, I jump on it.  My friends have eagerly planned some exciting events over the course of my stay there, and I'm sure I will have some great stories to tell y'all when I get back. 

In other news... the Pooper's new nickname around our house is Houdini.  I don't know how he manages to get some of the things he does; he must be able to fly or have magic mind powers or something.  He's also a pick pocket, because I've caught him several times in the morning with Mr. Smith's wallet in his mouth, parading through the house, leaving a trail of various cards and bills along the way.  He's also developed a fondness for, how should I say, our undergarments.  At first it was just Mr. Smith's boxers, but now he's keen on snatching my own delicates from the laundry hamper and sashaying about like he wants to wear them himself. 

Have a wonderful week!  Try to enjoy some solitary confinement of your own!

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