Friday, March 26, 2010

Reunited and It Feels So Good...

We're back from Solitary Confinement!  Know the song that goes something like, "Back to life, back to reality..."?  That's what I've been hearing upon touchdown at the Birmingham airport.  The days in DC were blissful, to say the least.  It was a historic time to be there, and I don't just mean my marketing conference.  :) 

The thing I always say about DC is that you've got to bring your A Game.  Even the cab drivers want to discuss the latest and greatest in politics.  You know how here you have to be ready to discuss Alabama football and the SEC Conference?   Yeah, I know people's eyes start to glaze over when I start rambling about the intricacies and excitement of certain political campaigns or big plays in policy.  Up there it's 24/7 policy topics. Absolutely blissful to a nerd like me. The best part is the collection of diverse opinions... and I don't just mean those Yankees.  It's nice to remind them that just because I talk slow, doesn't mean I think slow.  Amen, right? 

Here are some highlights of my DC adventure:
  • I stayed at the Hilton Washington on Connecticut.  Sound familiar?  It's sometimes called the "Hinckley Hilton" because it's where John Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Reagan in an effort to impress Jodie Foster. 
  • Had brunch at an amazing "dessert-based" restaurant called CoCo Sala.  Can we please get one of these here in Bama?  Just look at their menu: Co Co Sala Restaurant.  Amazing. 
  • Got to experience the Georgetown Cupcakes phenomenon, which means waiting in line for at least half an hour to even get in the door!  I will say that their Red Velvet Cupcake knocked my socks off.  Their tag line is "Pure Bliss Baked Daily" and I have to agree.  Take a look: Georgetown Cupcake.  And guess what?  I can get a dozen of their cupcakes shipped here for only $55 if I get a big craving for one.  :) 
  • Visited former coworkers and ate one of my favorite dishes at The Carlyle with some old friends. 
  • Got to visit my Congressman's office for about 3 hours on Tuesday afternoon where I had interned almost six years ago.  Yes, I realize that makes me incredibly old.  I mean, I can see the "Big 30" just around the bend, you know. 
  • And oh yeah, the conference and its classes were great as well...
P.S.  I think Mr. Smith had a blast in Chicago as well, and was filled to the brim with healthcare policy tidbits that we common folk are not privy to.  I may even let him do his own blog post to tell y'all all about it.  Maybe.  He's eager to set off on a turkey hunting adventure this weekend, so it may be a little belated. 

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