Monday, March 1, 2010

I don't do birthday parties...

This weekend I had the chance for some much-needed girl time, with two of my besties.  Momma, on the left side, let us join her and her precious Madilyn for a Friday night.  Sarah, on the right side, was my partner, rather my Captain, on I-65. 

So what do three twenty-something ladies do on a Friday night these days?
Have a photo shoot with the first baby of the group.  We all three whipped out our matching Canon EOS Rebels and the madness started.  Here are my favs of our little subject:

OMG.  My heart melts.

The sprinkler?

Enough!  No more photo shoot, ladies.

So what did I do on Saturday?  The 2010 KidsFest, guys.  My work had a booth there, to showcase our awesome Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club accounts.  Know what happens to a Marketing Manager when no one else volunteers to wear the kangaroo costume? 

Yep, that's me.  For about 5 hours on Saturday.  I was tackled by small children and sweated off about 18 pounds.  I'm thinking of coming out with a new workout video.... "Sweating It Off With Kirby."  Catchy, right?  I danced.  I hugged.  I even did the sprinkler.  I. Was. Pooped.  I don't know how mascots do it, and I have a whole new respect for Big Al now. 

And then... when all I wanted to do was come home and take a nap on the couch, this is what I found.

Gah.  Can't a girl catch a break?  But, they're cute, so I'll let it slide this time.  :) 

And no.... I don't do birthday parties. 

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