Monday, October 11, 2010

Southern Women's Show

I've resurfaced after a long four days here...

But while I was there, I got to meet lots of fascinating people who stopped by our booth.

I also got to see a favorite of mine: Giuliana Rancic.

I liked her before, but now I might love her.

SO funny.  SO down-to-earth.  SO willing to share funny stories about celebrities.

 I also bore witness to a rather disturbing phenomenon:  The Annual Firefighters Fashion Show.  It's a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society where some of our area firefighters come out and strut their stuff. 

And by strut their stuff, I mean bust-a-move and take off their shirts. 

By disturbing, I don't mean the firefighters.  (Well, there's was one disturbing creeper who wouldn't leave the stage....)

I mean the women in attendance.  I've never such actions from grown women.  It seemed the motto was the older you were, the wilder you could act. 

My co-worker Jamie and I couldn't tear our eyes away. 

From the actions of the women, not the firefighters. 


Here's a pic snapped with my phone at the "grande finale", where they all come out with their firefighter garb on.  What I want you to look at is the flock of women running up to the stage, eager to stuff their dollar bills in their pants. 

And yes, that's a young child (maybe 7-years-old?) on the right in a purple t-shirt.  You can never start too young for important life lessons right?  Jeez Louise.

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