Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's Keep It Real Here...

Being preggers is a huge adjustment on one's life.  Being "surprise preggers" is an even bigger adjustment, as certain favorite things are yanked away from you literally overnight. 

Top 10 Favorite Things I Already Miss..... (see some of you in about 6 months!)

1.  Reckless Abandonment with Caffeine - oh Mountain Dew, how I miss you.  I was a 2-3 per day soft drink drinker.  Not that I've given up soft drinks entirely, but I usually have about 2-3 soft drinks a week.  A WEEK.  And usually only when I get a really nasty headache (which I'm finding out is caused by pregnancy hormones).  And it's usually a Coke, because I've read horrible things about diet soft drinks + pregnancy. 

2.  Sushi - I would kill for a Bagel Roll, Philly Roll, or Crunchy Shrimp Roll right about now. 

3.  Denny Dogs - these delectable stadium hot dogs were quickly crossed off the acceptable foods list.  However, it has not stopped Mr. Smith from eating them in front of me at every. home.  game.  He's understanding like that, you know. 

4.  Speaking of football season - this one has been quite different.  No frosty beverages to celebrate our victories (or commiserate our one loss this season).  No visits to The Strip on Game Day.  No appearances at Gallette's (um, gross - I can only imagine what lives on the floor in that place, and I'm not about to expose Baby Smith to that.) 

5. Delicious Cheeses - this one just makes me sad.  No feta, no goat cheese, no brie.  Good-bye my friends, see you in a few months.  Don't forget about me. 

6.  Most Medicines - I dealt with a nasty sinus infection early in the pregnancy because we were too paranoid to take anything.  Turns out you can take several things safely, but we didn't know that and were sticking to the "Man it out, Christina" mentality.  It was awesome, especially the 2am nosebleeds.  Turns out you bleed more easily when preggers.  Sweet. 

7.  A full night's sleep - trips to the bathroom about 2 times per night does not give one a peaceful REM cycle.  Is this practice for later feedings? 

8.  Buttoning one's pants - I think I covered this one earlier, but for someone who has always been on the smaller side, this takes some getting used to. 

9.  Having a strong stomach - I've always had a pretty strong stomach.  Not easily grossed out by anything, until now.  Now some things literally make my stomach turn over.  For example, raw meat.  Who knows why?  Anyone?  Is it the smell?  The look of it?  I've been trying really hard with the whole "mind over matter" philosophy with this one, which usually works.  Thankfully my will power is stronger that my stomach right now. 

10.  Peaceful teeth brushing - as a life long member of the No Cavity Club, I've always been a diligent tooth brusher.  Now, I dread it.  Every morning, it's the same song and dance cause and effect.  Brushing the teeth leads to violent gagging.  Violent.  

Happy Week 13! Baby Smith grows to the size of a peach this week - isn't that cute? 

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