Friday, October 22, 2010


No, not 13 National Championships (which we do have by the way.  Ahem.  Roll Tide.), but today I start my 13th week of pregnancy.


Surprise!  Mr. and Mrs. Smith are getting ready to welcome Baby Smith into our little family.  Today begins my 2nd Trimester, and I honestly cannot believe the 1st one went by so fast. 

Some tidbits for you readers:

1.  I'm an anti-pee stick picture person, so rest assured you will not be seeing any pictures of said pee stick pregnancy tests on this blog.  But to each their own, and if you're proud to show off that pee stick picture, then by all means, show away. 

2.  We found out on Wednesday, September 1st that the miracle of life was growing away.  Yes, it's been unbelievably hard not to write about it on here, but we wanted to wait until the 1st trimester was over.  (And because we had been told - countless times, really - about the possibility of miscarriage in the 1st trimester.  Which here's a side note - that's really, really insensitive to a newly preggers mommy who is trying to deal with fluctuating emotions and the overall excitement.)  It is pretty amazing what people will start telling you when they find out you're pregnant.  And by amazing I mean shocking.  The truth comes out once you're initiated into the Pregnancy Club. 

3.  No, we were not actively trying or planning.  By that I mean we were not taking temperatures, tracking anything on a calendar, etc.  We have been praying about it for quite some time, and left if up to the Big Guy on when He would like to entrust us with a little one.  We just didn't know it would be quite so soon. 

Pregnancy Tidbits:

1.  Baby Smith is the size of a lime.
2.  Due date is Cinco de Mayo.  Of course it is, right?  Fingers crossed Baby Smith will not be born on a day celebrated with margaritas, sombreros, and maracas.  No need for a complex so early in life.

3.  I've been feeling great!  I was lucky and had no morning sickness at all during the 1st trimester.  The only time I get nauseous is when I don't eat, so I try to eat every few hours. 

I did deal with the extreme fatigue, which was hard because I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

Let's see what else....  I didn't realize how hungry you got.  I liken this to having a tape worm, and I'm ravenous when I eat.  If I don't get my lunch/dinner on time, I turn into The Hulk.  It's not pretty. 

Also, brushing my teeth in the morning leads to some pretty violent gagging.  That's about the grossest thing so far. 

And... my pants are really hard to button already.  I've been using a rubberband, which we think is pretty funny as well.  Dresses are my friends.

4.  What's going on right now?  The search for daycare has started, since I'll be a working mommy.  I'm open to suggestions on this, so please let me know if you have any advice on this area. 

I'm heading to Cullman this Saturday to look over the nursery furniture that my mother has saved from when we were little (just because you have a little one doesn't mean you have to stop being frugal, right?).  Mr. Smith is in Knoxville this weekend with his family, which gives me some nice down time to do this. 

5.  We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, nor do we care which one it is.  We will be finding out, because let's see... I'm incredibly Type A and want everything as organized and planned out as much as possible before D-Day.  We should be finding out around 18 weeks, so I'll be sure to let you know!

I think that's it for now!  I'll be sure to keep you updated on all things Baby Smith, gender, nursery, etc. 


  1. SO glad you finally came out of the closet! Haha! Yay for Baby Smith!

  2. Congratulations Christina! So excited for y'all!

  3. I found your blog through Erin (soon to be searson!)...we went to high school together. Anyway, so excited for you and your husband. What a precious season of life this is! Soak it up! :)


  4. I missed this post last week - so imagine my surprise when I opened up my reader and saw today's post! Congrats! I know y'all will be excellent parents!

  5. Yay for such wonderful news!!!!!!!!! Clay and I are so excited for y'all! What amazing parents you will be! Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby Smith! Love y'all and hope we can hang out soon!