Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Rest of our Weekend...

.... was chock full of business.  Saturday morning we took my car in for a routine tire rotation and balance at NTB.  While I was there, I asked if they would mind taking a look at the brakes, in their free brake inspection special.  We ended up leaving the car there and taking Cooper to the dog park since they said it would only be a couple of hours.

False.  Several hours later, NTB called to say my brakes were, how shall we say, shot.  I would need new front brakes, new front rotors, something called a new hub on my right rear wheel, yada, yada, yada.  All for just $1300.  And they would throw in that tire rotation and balance for free.  How gracious

After reviving myself and saying things like brakes were probably necessary, we ventured on to Tuscaloosa for the Homecoming game against Ole Miss. Father-in-Law surprised us with tickets in the box, so I am one spoiled gal now. I ate like a champ up there - no holds barred, people.

I do want to say something about the Ole Miss fans - you are a classless group of people.  The box where we were seating was right above your Visitor section, and I was horrified at your behavior.  You actually cheered - CHEERED - when our Mr. Kirkpatrick got hurt on the field.  And showed little to no respect with the National Anthem, UA Alma Mater, and the like.  Saw it with my own eyes and could not get over it.  Go learn some manners, please. 

Sunday morning, we came back to B'ham to pick up my car (which does drive quite nicely now, I must admit) and I headed to the Trussville Cinemans to watch "You Again" with the Gateway Campus kids for a Junior Board activity.  Movie = very funny.  Kristen Bell - you've got a new fan here. 

Sunday late afternoon was spent doing a little yardwork with Mr. Smith, and then we rested to watch "Letters to Juliet."  Not Mr. Smith's choice, but my turn via NetFlix.  Also very cute. 

Low of the Weekend = my new part ownership of NTB.

High of the Weekend = watching my Tide beat the Ole Miss Rebels Black Bears.  Especially after their tacky behavior. 

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