Sunday, May 20, 2012

13 Months

Dear Harrison,

You are 13 Months Old!  You are such a little man now, growing fiercely independent - nay, stubborn - more and more every day. 
I don't know where you get this from.

You weigh about 20-21 pounds, if we're going by my scientific measurement on your MiMi's scale last week. 

You are such a wiggle worm!  You're everywhere, all the time. 
Example - trying to take your growth picture by Lucy.

Your favorite activities include climbing in and out, hundreds of times, in your Cozy Coupe. 
Once you get in it, you turn around with the proudest smile on your face. 
Then you climb back out and start the process all over again.
With you, repetition does not get old.

These pictures also serve as a friendly PSA from Mrs. Smith.
No texting while driving!  Even on your Mouse-berry from Aunt Suz and Uncle Pelham.

Do not drink and drive!
Even out of your Mickey Mouse cup.

You're also still fascinated with ceiling fans.
And now, when we say what does the ceiling fan do?
You point your chubby litttle finger up in the air and make circle with it as we say "It goes round and round and round."  This is courtesy of your T. 

Ignore that drool, we're cutting a 7th tooth right now.

Feeding you is becoming a bit difficult challenging, as you're defining your tastes, shall we say.
Foods you're lovin' include whole milk, Vanilla flavored Pediasure, Honey Nut Cheerios, Yogurts, Frozen Yogurt (had a taste last weekend and loved it!), Townhouse crackers, Puffs, Bananas, Sweet Potato Puree, Chunky Mac & Cheese from North River Yacht Club, Guacamole, Plain Pancakes, Plain Waffles, and Scrambled Eggs.  And those Gerber Ravioli things - sometimes.  You make it about halfway through those. 

Where breakfast was once an easy task with your beloved oatmeal, you've now decided you don't want that anymore in the mornings.  I'm not sure what you want, but it usually ends up with a Song and Dance routine from Mommy to get you to eat anything.  And Mommy is not her best in the morning, so this has been fun for everyone. 

Foods you do not love:  Juice, Grapes, Blueberries, Cheese (American, Cheddar, and Swiss), Most Vegetables, Turkey, Almost anything else. If you don't like something once it's in your mouth, you slowly push it back out, letting it dribble all down your mouth, chin, and clothes.  It is hilarious.  Yet, horrible, as for table manners.

You regularly want to "do it yourself" and push away our helpful hands and spoons to feed yourself, by yourself.
Once again, I don't know where you get this mentality.

Your school says you are slowly but surely embracing your Sippy Cup during the day, and you are at home as well.  However, you still take a full 8 oz bottle of whole milk right before bed, which you love.

Your favorite time of day is after your bath and teeth brushing, when we have "Baby Buff Time" and you play in the buff for a good half hour.  Airs everything out and you are overjoyed at your freedom.  (And I'm sure so are the people who get my pics via texts of your Full Moon and Chunky Thighs.) 

As for walking, you're still a Crawling Machine.  You will walk if it's behind your Walker, Cozy Coupe, or Thomas the Train push toy.  You'll also walk a tentative 2-3 steps by yourself to Mommy or Daddy, then realize what you're doing and quickly drop to all fours. 

As of right now, I'm still enjoying as much of your sweet "baby-ness" as possible.  You still love to snuggle, and often end up in our bed at some point during the night, snuggling in close to Mommy.  You still love to crawl over and cozy up in Mommy's lap, or fall asleep on Daddy's chest, and we'll take it.

Am I boring you, H? 

You have continuously come over and banged on the laptop during this post, and now I must save you from Daddy, who is making you walk all over the living room while he watches Duck Dynasty or something equally macho on the TV.

Love, Mommy

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