Monday, May 28, 2012

A Weekend of Firsts

Memorial Day Weekend proved to be a weekend of firsts for H.

We joined Aunt Suz and Uncle P at Lake Tuscaloosa on Saturday and Sunday.

(I swear we don't try to match on purpose.)

H's first mohawk... what a cool dude.

H's first time in a life jacket.... epic fail #1.

H's first time in the lake... epic fail #2.
Clung to Mommy like a monkey.

H's first time riding in the boat... epic fail #3.
Fell asleep within 3 minutes.

You know who loved the water?
This bag of fleas.

Back at the Grandparents'... H had his first time in the swing.
Success!  Finally - there's a smile!

Today, H and I went to Cullman for a day on the Farm.
My parents' house is finally rebuilt and they are all moved in!
(If you're just now joining us on the blog, their house was destroyed by one of the Alabama tornadoes last April.)

We celebrated with H's first time riding on the tractor...
He loved it!

H also met the horses, and while they weren't a hit just yet with him, I'm sure there's lots of riding in the future. 

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