Saturday, May 5, 2012


I'd be remiss in not saying something about it being a year since that horrible path of tornadoes ravaged our state. 

But last weekend was about cherishing and celebrating with Brother and new Sister-in-Law, so I didn't.

However, it's funny what you remember.
This may be due to the fact that I was still on pain meds from H's arrival.

But, I look back with a feeling of thankfulness.

Thankful that my new, one-week-old H remained safe and sound that day.

Thankful that although their house is gone, my parents are alive.
Even the dogs and horses.

Thankful to the scores of family and friends who turned out on that day and many days afterward to help salvage their belongings.

Thankful to friends for letting my parents live with them for the past year.

Thankful to my friends who reached out to me with prayers and sweet words.

Thankful to my sorority sisters, who sent my parents a precious card, with a gift card enclosed, for groceries and such so they wouldn't have to worry about something that tedious.

And thankful my parents' new home is almost finished.

Many, many thanks.

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