Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Year Celebration!

This past Friday night, Mr. Smith and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary with a little getaway at Ross Bridge.  My parents spent the night at our house with H, which we were very appreciative of, so Mr. Smith and I could have a romantic night to ourselves. 

Which is hard, because when a certain cutie patootie has been taking over your lives, it's hard to remember how "the good ole days" used to be...

I decided a nice glass of bubbly would help put me at ease.

Eating a scrumptious chocolate tort courtesy of the restaurant didn't hurt either...

But when you've been in baby mode for almost a year, it was a tad difficult. 
I feel about as sexy as this gal 98% of the time anyway.   

And try as we might, we couldn't get past this favorite conversation topic:

Can you blame us? 

We did, however, have a fabulous time relaxing, eating, and sleeping in.  Mr. Smith did a wonderful job planning the night's getaway, but I was like a bullet tearing out of there Saturday morning to get home to H.  First night away was hard, y'all! 

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