Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Child in the City

Last weekend, us Smith's decided to live the "city life" with our pals, the Searsons, who are always talking up city life in the 'Ham on The Shuffle

We wanted a taste of the cool life, so we met them for some delicious pizza at Cosmos, in 5 Points, followed by drinks and dessert at their place. 

If you haven't made Mrs. Searson's Cookie Slop, you're missing out.

Well, what really happened was that H stole the show, as clearly seen here:

(Time Out:  This was mere seconds before H lovingly spit up his bottle all over Mrs. Searson.  She's a trooper though and the snuggling continued...)

And here:   
Just in case you didn't get the memo, teal blue cotton sundresses were the uniform last Saturday night.

Please ignore the fact that I look like Casper the friendly ghost. 
Somehow, tanning takes a back seat to raising a child. 

Sunday, Mr. Smith and I ventured to church for the first time with H. 
I may or may not have put on deoderant twice that morning, as I was so nervous about it.
H rocked it out though in the sanctuary, seemingly mesmerized by the Choir (or his pal Mr. Searson's vocal talent in the Choir???), until he started making, what I call, "The Poop Face." 

H clearly felt at home at Church, as he proceeded to blow out his diaper, right there in the balcony, for all the world to smell witness.

Mr. Smith thankfully hoisted up the carrier and walked H out to the Nursing Mothers' Room, which is conveniently located in the back of the balcony.  At the close of the service, we walked back to find Mr. Smith and H, as we were confused why they didn't appear (and I was praying Mr. Smith was not fast asleep in there...). 

Apparently, it was a Code Red (Code Brown?) situation, as H had not only blown out his diaper, but the adorable smocked outfit (read: expensive), his lovie, and even a little on the carrier.  Mr. Smith, who had shrugged off my suggestion to take the diaper bag with him earlier to the room, had attempted to change his diaper, but the only available ones in the room were Size 4's.  Needless to say, H was completely covered in the Size 4 diaper.  We quickly changed into our appropriate Size 1 diaper and back-up onesie, and headed to family lunch...

... where we got to celebrate a very happy one year anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield!  
Doesn't Sister look pretty in her white?  Just like a bride!

This squirrel, having used up all his energy with the above-mentioned activity, quickly tuckered out on Daddy for the meal. 

Aren't they cute?

Take away lessons from today's post:

1.  Don't stand next to Malibu Barbie when wearing the nearly the same dress, particularly 9 weeks after giving birth.

2.  Put a bib on your child when your pal is feeding him.

3.  Force your husband to take diaper bag with him, wherever he goes.

4.  Always have back-up outfits in case of Code Brown situations.

5.  Don't get upset when your 9-week-old damages the expensive smocked outfit you may or may not have spent a tiny fortune on.  You should have known better.

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  1. I think this is H's way of saying he's pro-Dave Ramsey.

    Glad H could come enjoy city life. Next time we'll take him to meet the homeless people. I kid. Sort of.