Friday, July 22, 2011

Social Butterfly

Over the past few weekends, H has been initiated into a proper Southern summer:  weddings and wedding showers. 

It's a hard life.

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Rett Grover with a lovely Reception at The Club, which overlooks Birmingham. 

We skipped the ceremony.  I didn't want to be "that girl with the crying baby" in Mrs. Grover's wedding video.  Just in case. 

We were pumped to hang out with these squirrels:  Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
Even if they are Auburn fans.

P.S.  Update your blog, Dudleys!

H was the life of the party. 

Until these bad boys started up... 

... which woke him up, but thankfully didn't upset him.

So we headed to the dance floor, where we boogied with Mrs. Searson.

Being the rock star that H is, all that did was put him to sleep.

Last weekend, H and I ventured out to celebrate these crazy kids at their Luau-themed wedding shower. 

Aren't they cute with H? 

Do I hear a nomination for a honeymoon baby? 


One guess as to what we're doing this Saturday.

Pics to come.

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