Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Months!

Dear Harrison,

You are 3 months old!

You are a little over 24 inches in length, and weigh 12 lbs. 6 oz.

You wear Size 3 months and Size 3-6 month clothing, with Size 2 diapers. 

You're developing more and more, and I swear to Bear Bryant you said "elephant" the other day.

You are sleeping in your pack and play in our bedroom, but still prefer to sleep all snuggled up to Momma. 

You can take a bottle like a champ, but Momma is still your dining preference of choice. 

You are such a wiggle worm!  I'm confident in the next few weeks you'll be rolling over and solidly holding up your head. 

Your favorite things include staring at the ceiling fan, your satin lovie, and taking baths. 

You're also at your best self in the mornings, and daddy and I loved to lay there in the bed with you smiling and baby-talking. 

And just when I think my heart cannot expand anymore, it does every single day with how much I love you. 

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