Thursday, October 4, 2012

Six Month Review

I've been back at the full-time, 8 to 5, career mode for 6 months now.

Let's check in, shall we?

I am ... still loving being back in the swing of things.

I am ... still enjoying the company of adults during the day.

I am ... still enthusiastic about my daily role and duties.

I am ... still not the best at dropping off H in the mornings, especially when he clings to me.

I am ... still trying to "turn off" career mode and "turn on" Mommy mode when I pick up H.

I am ... still thinking the best part of my day is opening his classroom door and seeing his face light up.

I am ... still learning to not let the things that use to drive my OCD mind crazy, like laundry, dishes, cluttered toys, etc. drive me batty.

I am ... still thankful when I make it to work with pants on, teeth brushed, and matching shoes.

I am ... still chugging copious amounts of caffeine to make it through the day sometimes.

I am ... still envious of the ladies who look like Career Barbie every single day.

I am ... still tired.  

But, I am ... still trying.  

And that's all that really matters, right?

If you go to bed exhausted, then that means you gave 100% of your energy for that day.

And, when God grants you another day to try it again ... to do it better ... to bless you with another day ... then you can't really complain, right? 


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! My parents enjoyed seeing you the other day!