Wednesday, October 31, 2012

18 Months Old!

Dear Harrison,

You are 18 months old!  

You.  Are.  Into.  Everything.
And developing quite the personality to match!

I know every mom thinks this, but you are just so smart.

Not to get into every single details, but you're giving us a run for our money.

You're still mesmerized by how things work, flicking the lights on and off, ceiling fans, remote controls, iphones, books, etc.  You love playing hide and seek under chairs, tables, curtains, etc.  

Still a picky eater - when does this stop? - and loving your carbs.  

But, your pediatrician declares your perfection, so I'm not going to stress about it.  

You are such the little man, and so very, very persnickety about your routine.  

I know your grandparents think I'm crazy for running around trying to keep you on your Schedule, but things go haywire really fast if we get off of it too much.

Your vocabulary is slowly starting to pick up, and you love to blow kisses, give kisses, give hugs, and be a helper to Mommy.  And by helping, I mean bringing Mommy clothes, stuffed animals, various items around the house, shoes and the like.  You also like to reorganize your things, which is just darling.

We love you!

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