Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reflections on Game Day Wear

We've just returned from another rousing Game Day in T-Town, where we spent a couple of hours on the Quad doing what I like to do best...

People Watching.

And there's no shortage of interesting people to watch on a Game Day in T-Town.

However, I'm perplexed by this season's trends that the college gals are rocking.

Apparently the goal is to wear as little clothing as possible.

And the clothing that is worn needs to be as tight as possible.

Or as short as possible.

I could have sworn these gals are forgetting to put their pants on before leaving their dorm/sorority house.

And one lady was wearing what resembled a Kleenex tissue and nothing else.
Did I mention it was raining?
She was either completely clueless or completely brilliant.

And the skirts - tube tops from the Little Girls section, perhaps? - are so short that you would think there would be a TV blurred censor.

Now, granted, I realize I'm getting older.  

And I've had a good-natured giggle at Game Day Wear in the past - my favorite is usually the person who heaps on anything and everything in their wardrobe that's red, crimson, or houndstooth.  Regardless if it matches or coordinates.... like they're getting ready for Battle or something.

But this is an epidemic.  

Put some clothes on ladies!

T-Town has a great tradition of dressing up for the Game - we get it from Coach Bear Bryant, who always looked snazzy for his Games.  

Let's not let the Bear down, ok?

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