Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rocky Top Domination

Happy Sunday, folks.

And a "Merry Roll Tide!" as well.

We've just returned home from our Rocky Top Domination.

It's a bit of a tradition to travel to the game by the river.

The sea river was ours for the taking yesterday!

With our fearless Captain ready to command the rough waters.
(I will not lie - the Gulligan's Island theme song ran through my head more than once.)

The scenery was gorgeous - hello Fall Foliage!

And we got plenty of quality time with Uncle Terry.

When in Knoxville, the boats tie together to form a mighty "tailgating" line-up.

It is important when surrounded by enemies, clothed in orange, to lay low.

And by that I mean... completely dominate them on the field.

Roll Tide!!!

Thanks for playing Vols - see you again next year!

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