Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Man on Campus

Someone I know had a ball whilst cheering on the Tide from the Quad on Saturday.

Look at my Big Man on Campus!

He waved and greeted every single person that walked by.

Obviously, it's an Election Year, folks.

The sidewalks were just beacons of adventure.... by running.


Which is a lot easier when you're 2 feet tall.

Not - say - 5'4 and wearing flip flops.

With a huge camera around your neck, trying to capture the memories.

And attempting to weave through enthusiastic Roll Tiders. 

I digress, because quite frankly in this picture there is no crowd.  

Probably because we played a high school team on Saturday.

We loved watching the Millionaire Dollar Band Parade on their way to the Stadium.

We also felt the need to greet every dog we encountered.

This may have caused some mild panic on my part.  

We hydrated.

We spilled hydration all over Daddy.

We almost yanked out Aunt Suz's earring, causing injury to our favorite preggers lady.

But managed to salvage her earlobe, and get a cute picture.

That I will make sure is in her Nursery.


We also gave our own Game Day commentary at the Tent.

And, for the most part, left in one piece.


Let's start all over again this Saturday!

Nobody ever said the Road to 15 would be easy...

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