Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beach Baby

 We had a lovely time celebrating the long Labor Day Weekend in Sandestin, with the fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Mooty as our hosts.

We played on the Beach...

We cheered on the Crimson Tide as they played a high school football team the Michigan Wolverines.
And by play, I mean dominated.  

This little fan was slightly obsessed with always sitting in his pool float, with his Mickey Mouse balloon.
If this is why we won, don't think for one second, I won't pull this float and balloon out for every single game on the Road to 15.

We also found some new, interesting places to nap.

We loved watching and waving to the seagulls with our T.

And spending time with precious friends, like Sweet Dee Mooty.

And being good spots when Mommy wanted family pics on the Beach at sunset.  

Bye Sandestin! 
Thanks for having us - we'll be back next year!

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