Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snuggleship Reunited!

Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with one of my nearest and dearest friends from college, Mrs. Bremmerman, aka "Snuggles" or "Snuggs."  We call each other this affectionately, since college, because of our days in the sorority life of being slovenly every afternoon after class, but before dinner.  We spent many an afternoon watching Oprah together, and let's be honest, napping, to get prepared for the night ahead. 

Snuggs has brought a Snuggs, Jr. into the world, Miss Madilyn, and the last time I had seen her precious babe was in January, with Mrs. Shepherd.  Feeling the need for some time with this BFF and her munchkin, I drove to her house last night and did my best to keep up with her little innocent one, who is - quite frankly - a handful.  I was exhausted by the time I left.  Exhausted!  She is crawling everywhere and into everything.  We played, we ate, we got a bath, a bottle, a visit from Uncle Chase and Aunt Lizzie.... a full evening of activities.  This little diva knows she is in charge, and my condolences to anyone who is unaware of that fact. 

Kudos to Snuggs who has the energy to do this every.  single.  day. 

I tried to give Miss Madilyn some early piano lessons. 
We attempted Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" since that's what her toy played. 

She showed some real talent, here people. 
I sense a future pianist on our hands. 

I got a lot of these looks last night. 
Girlfriend has attitude, and she knows it. 
I'm pretty sure that's a "Talk to the Hand" gesture as well. 

There was a bit of lounging. 

And some dancing with Aunt Stina to the Backyardigans. 
I think I'm telling her that "See Madilyn?  Frog and dog rhyme."
And then Snuggs had to interrupt and say, "Good Lord Snuggles, she's only 8 months."
It's never too early to learn people. 

Miss Madilyn tried to make a dash for it with her carseat after her bath. 

Probably to get away from me, who was smooching and snuggling with her all night.
Her expression says it all. 

The End. 

A request:  Snugg's brother, Chase, is having some pretty serious surgery next week.  You can read all about his story here.  He is quite the courageous young man, and an inspiration to us all!  Please remember him, his lovely fiance, Snuggs, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. 

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