Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got a dollar? Want to go see a movie?

Looking for something fun to do for $1?  Join the rest of the Hoover-Birmingham area at the Carmike 10 on Lorna Road.... fondly known as the Dollar Theater.  That's right... $1 for your admittance to see great movies.  Mr. Smith and I went last night to break up the normal humdrum of the work week and treated ourselves to "Knight and Day" for $2 total.  And don't think I didn't pay with 8 quarters we had lying around in the change dish!  (It's okay, lots of people do this here, and the ticket lady had quite the stack building up at her station.) 

I was surprised at how crowded this theater was on a Tuesday night, but with $1 admittance... who wouldn't be there? 

To see their current showings, all you have to do is visit Fandango, and search under the "35216" zip code.  The Carmike 10 on Lorna Road should be the first theater to pop up.  Granted, the movies have been out for a little bit, so no brand new movies are there, but still a great collection!

P.S.  "Knight and Day" was pretty good.  I'm usually a little skeptical with Tom Cruise, given his recent public antics, but I must say this movie exceeded my expectations.  We laughed out loud about 98% of the time, and Mr. Cruise was great in his role.  Does he ever age? 

P.P.S.  The concessions at the Dollar Theater are not $1.  They are the regularly priced snacks and goodies like any other theater.... which means astronomical, so be prepared. 

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  1. I know it well. I also know the local Walgreens well, where we buy our contraband 2/$3 movie theatre size candy.