Monday, August 9, 2010

Ladies Night, O What a Night

This weekend, while Mr. Smith was off celebrating the end of Bachelor-hood with his baseball buddy Mr. Burns at the beach, I got a little slice of heaven with my own solitude this weekend: doing absolutely nothing except what I wanted to do.  Granted, Coop Dawg and The Princess Abby were there to keep me entertained, but my weekend consisted of the following: 

Friday night's guilty pleasure: 
Movies Mr. Smith does not want to see.

Thoughts?  Very nicely done, Carey Mulligan.  No wonder you were nominated for an Academy Award.  Applause all around for you. 

And if you're a big 1960's fan, you'll love the general aesthetics of the movie, with it's rich cinematic tempo of the music, clothing, cars, and even attitudes from that time period. 

Saturday morning and afternoon were spent working at an event for work, so later on that night I figured Mrs. Carroll and I needed a Ladies Night Out, to which she quickly agreed upon, seeing how her husband was also partaking in the Beach Bachelor Party of Mr. Burns.
(P.S.  Don't you just love alliteration?  No?  I'm the only nerd here?  Fine.)

  We headed to Jinsei, a sushi place in Homewood, that is getting rave reviews.  It was the perfect beginning to an eventful night, and I enjoyed a refreshing Cucumber Mojito, along with some Miso Soup and Kadoma Tuna dish.  I janked these two pictures from  It's a great website for local restaurant reviews and such. 

The Kadoma Tuna... there are really no words.

It rocked my socks off.  

Some sort of mixture of sweet and spicy, with a rice patty, topped with tuna, then avocado, jalapenos, smelt roe, soy sauce.... I don't even know.  It was a burst of flavors, whatever the magical combination was. 

I'm actually going to have to stop talking about it, because I'm starting to salivate. 

Pavlov would be proud. 

After our delicious dinner, Mrs. Carroll and I spent our night shaking our tail feathers at Above, which is fast becoming a favorite establishment of myself.  Unique crowd, gorgeous view, amazing music.... sigh.   The only downside of this place is the Bama heat, which proceeded to weigh us down with its sticky, hot, overwhelming presence at all times since this place is an outdoor venue, located on the roof of the Redmont Hotel. 

Since I am becoming more geriatric with each passing day, this break in the norm was a nice jolt from reality; however, Sunday morning brought some soreness from all the exercising of the dancing. 

Grudgingly I'll admit that I'm not as young as I used to be, right? 

Happy Monday! 

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