Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Burns-Fowler Wedding Extravaganza

After yet another whirlwind wedding weekend in T-Town, we are slap wore out.  Again.  However, the Burns-Fowler weekend was a tornado of fun and thunderstorms, all mixed together.  Guess it keeps it interesting, right? 

The Rehearsal Dinner Friday night gave me the chance to hang out with this Hot Mama:

And by Hot Mama, I mean that literally.  Mrs. Pilsch here is currently preparing for her third child.  Yes, that's right - THIRD.  Twins Cullen and Jackson just celebrated their first birthday last month, and Baby Pilsch #3 is scheduled to make his/her arrival around the holidays. 

You may begin praying for her sanity and perseverance at any time.

I was more than willing to help a girl out by eating all her feta cheese from her salad. 
True friends will sacrifice for each other right? 

P.S.  Doesn't she look phenomenal? 

The wedding ceremony itself was gorgeous, as was the reception at Smith Hall (no relation). 

However, there was one moment that truly stole the show. 

A performance, really, of epic proportions. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mrs. Anna Fowler Burns, UA Crimsonette.
Along with her fellow Crimsonette bridesmaids and wedding attendants, we were treated to the treat of the Crimson Tide Fight Song Crimsonette Performance.

You can only imagine my sheer joy when that song came on. 

I actually think I had chills. 

If only I had brought my shaker.

These pictures say it all.


Plus, I got to hang out with this cutie patootie and his mischievous brother all night.

And by that I mean, Jackson and Cullen, not Suz. 

Who is cute, but I wouldn't necessarily reference her as "cutie patootie." 

That's reserved for munchkins under the age of 5. 

They are walking now, but that didn't stop us from scooping them up and dancing the night away with them.

Just ignore the baby food on my dress.

I'm not that skilled in feeding one-year-olds in a cocktail dress and heels just yet. 

And, while you're at it, ignore our sweaty faces.  We did not just run a marathon. 

 It was a tad hot on the dance floor.

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  1. Amazing.

    Also, I tried but did not succeed in putting that cutie patootie in my purse and heading out the door. Turner asked me to give his baby back. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Had a blast with you and "Marty".

    Katie Mac