Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pregnancy 1 and Pregnancy 2

No that they're in a battle or anything... but you can't help but make your own mental notes/memories comparison between pregnancies.  

And there are already distinct differences between H's pregnancy and Baby Boy #2, even here at 22 weeks.

Obviously, we were delighted to find out we were expecting again.  
Our game plan was to hop the ol' baby train again when H turned 2, and after a few months, we were excited to find out that we were expecting again!

At first, it looked like an almost identical pregnancy only 3 weeks behind H's pregnancy.
Which, in my mind, worked out great - same seasons for maternity clothes and delivery (which meant avoiding those hot summer months).  
Beautiful timing by our Heavenly Father.

I didn't really realize I was expecting again - I had been traveling a lot for work and was naturally feeling a little tired and rundown between that and running around after H.
And then, at some point in St. Louis, I realized my schedule was off and promptly confirmed with a trusty test upon arrival home.

Major differences so far:
I carried H with an anterior placenta, meaning that he implanted on the side of my abdomen.  Baby #2 is the opposite - posterior placenta.  No major difference so far, just a heads up from this one that it wouldn't exactly be an identical 9 months!

With H, I was never sick or nauseous, I can distinctly remember the 3 times I did get sick, and they were for other reasons than morning sickness.
This one, however, has had me sprinting to the bathroom more than a handful of times.  More nauseous than really sick, but still.  Not cool. (Also why we thought it was initially a girl!)

I didn't feel H until around 20 weeks (partially because of the whole anterior placenta thing); this one I felt distinctly at 14 weeks.  Yep, 14 weeks.  It was faint but distinct - and they've been getting stronger every week.  I've even told Mr. Smith this has a whole lot more energy than H ever did.  (I may have said this nervously as well).  

Overall?  You learn with the second pregnancy to breathe.  
No, really.  Breathe, in and out, and relax enough to appreciate God's decision to chose you for his newest addition.  You know not to be seized with panic at every turn.

And although there are differences, it is still a miraculous act to play a part of.  And a joyful reminder that each one is created with a unique and special purpose from our Heavenly Father.  

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