Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holiday Season - What a whirlwind!

I don't know about the rest of you, but the holidays were here and over before I could blink.  

This little man had an absolute blast!  It was so precious to see him actually "get it" now.

With some stunts with Daddy, of course.

Thanksgiving officially made "the bump" appear, but I don't regret it.
Not one bit.

I tried making homemade cranberry sauce this year, courtesy of Pioneer Woman's mad culinary skills.
It was a hit.

And then... I blinked and it was Christmas.  
H loved opening his presents, but with the usual 2-year-old attention span, it would get fixated on the very first gift he opened.  

Christmas Eve gifts at T and MiMi's House:

This Sugar Plum Fairy was not impressed with her cousin's craziness.
Not one bit.
PS - Isn't she gorgeous?  
Princess E will remain our only princess for a while!  
I'm confident she'll keep all the boys in line though.

After leaving the bikes at T and MiMi's (ahem), we headed home to go to sleep and wait for Santa!

Christmas Morning Breakfast
(that is not really coffee he's drinking, I promise)

We headed to PawPaw and DeeDee's for Christmas gifts and dinner that afternoon, after a fun morning putting our Santa gifts to good use.

And, following our tradition growing up, had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus!  
H loved singing the "Happy Birthday" song and eating the cake.
I love continue this tradition - it's an easy, fun way to reinforce the true "reason for the season."

Last Christmas as a family of three!

And this?
This is real life, peeps.
Real life with a toddler who screamed for his new Winnie the Pooh for the picture, and then a pregnant mommy to balance them both on her tummy for the picture.
Please note the progression of Mr. Smith backing out of the chaos.  Busted.

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