Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr. Smith Turns 30

Yes, it's happened.

My younger husband (by 11 months, let me emphasize) has joined me in the Third Decade Club.

To celebrate, we did a few special things for Mr. Smith:
Shipley Donuts for Birthday Breakfast
Dinner with moi at Satterfield's, one of his favorite restaurants
Gifts that were both hilarious and useful:  a new duck call from Duck Dynasty's Duck Commander, as well as a newly bought share of Dollar General stock (inside joke, maybe I'll tell you later), along with ones from family and friends.

And...  a little surprise for Mr. Smith from family!  After our dinner, we had several special guests waiting with an Edgar's caramel cake and boisterous singing as we walked in the door.

As someone who has always said he hated surprise parties... you're welcome, Mr. Smith. 
Parents and siblings, along with Mr. and Mrs. Carroll (& Baby Kirk) joined in on the fun.  

Official Cake Tester

He's mobile, folks.  Watch out.

I'm trying to eat cake, Mom!

Future Prom Dates
Obviously, the above mentioned Mr. Attitude would not join in on the Baby Group Picture.  

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