Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Accepted: Freezer Pre-Ready Meals

Peeps, I had my Friday night alone last night.
So what does any normal 29-year-old do?
I accepted a little personal Pinterest Challenge to myself.

To make 2 weeks worth of dinners, to freeze and ready to easily cook via Crock Pot.

I could do it.  I was confident.

I had pinned this earlier, with one of those "Oh this is a good idea but I'll never have time to do it." thoughts.  But with Mr. Smith in the woods and H spending quality time with my parents, the opportunity arose.

I followed my new friend's, over at Loving My Nest, shopping list and basic instructions, which she provides in a very detail-oriented format on her website.  

Of course, she touts 34 meals for $150.  That's what initially hooked me.
She doubles and triples her recipes, but I only had time for a Beginner's Round.
However each "freezer bag" will serve us twice.

From start to finish, it took me about 4 hours.
That's including grocery shopping, sorting, cutting, making my way recipe-by-recipe, and cleaning up. 
I'm sure there's a more efficient method instead of going one-by-one, but I didn't want to get ahead of myself and mess up.

Admittingly, I looked like a crazy Hoarder at Publix.
However, even Louise the Cashier was very interested in the concept.  
I am to report back to her my findings, as well.

I got to work, with the assistance of the 90's Music Station on the TV.
Me, Annie Lenox, Naughty by Nature, Madonna, Sir Mix a Lot, Boyz II Men, Spice Girls, Blues Traveler, and Britney Spears had a ball.

Casualties:  I chopped off half a fingernail while a little too aggressively peeling a sweet potato.  I may or may not have been busting a move during this to Madonna's 'Vogue."  
And, no worries - the fingernail did not make it into the dinner.  :)

Overall Cost from my Publix Receipt for 16 ready-made dinners + tax: $115.15.

Approximately $7.20 per meal.  

Lessons Learned:  
I bought according to her list, but I ended up modifying as I went along, such as not putting quite as many bell peppers or onions in things.  So, I have quite a few veggies leftover in my fridge, which we will eat at some point, but it could have brought my total down.

Also, I had to buy some of her spices, like Chili Powder, Dry Mustard, Cumin, and Bay Leaves that I was either out of or didn't have.  Most of the spices I already had.

I also had to buy a Sharpie and good, durable Freezer Bags (thankfully they were on Sale at Publix).  

But knowing I have two weeks of dinners ready for me to just drop into a Crock Pot?
Instead of coming home after a long day of work and cooking instead of hanging out with H Man?

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