Monday, December 31, 2012


Y'all, H is 20 Months Old.


I haven't really been doing his monthly updates (sorry!), because things are so fast and furious around here.

But H Man has been developing quite the vocabulary, which I call H-isms.

Definite Words, with Mommy Translation to Assist:
1.  Mama = Mama
2. DaDa = Daddy
3.  MowMow = Mickey Mouse
4.  Mohre = More, please and thank you. (Usually sign language with this one)
5.  Baaaal = Ball (Usually with sign language)
6.  WoofWoof = Dog/Cooper
7.  Aaaaaaaaah! = Abby the Cat
8.  Heeelllllllllooooooooooo = Hello.  Usually when the phone rings or when he puts the phone or remote control up to his ear like a phone.
9.  Mooooo = Cow
10.  Meeeooow = Cat (Usually with sign language)
11.  Baaaaaa = Sheep
12.  Rrrrrroar! = Lion (Usually with sign language)
13. Ooo Ooo Aaaahh Aaahh = Monkey
14.  Neeeeeigh = Horse
15.  Eeeee while waving one arm up and down like a trunk = Elephant
16.  Sucking in Cheeks to make squishy fish face = Fish
17. No, No, No! = With wagging finger.  No clue where he picked this up.  :)
18.  HOT! = Favorite word right now.  Everything is HOT!  I thought this was a big self-esteem booster when he pointed at me and said it.  But then did it to Cooper 5 seconds later.
19.  Moooon = Moon
20.  Ilooorveuuuuu = I love you.  
21.  PawPaw = PawPaw.  A recent development over Christmas.  Merry Christmas Dad!
22.  Wassthat? = What's that?  
23.  Star = star
24.  Uh Oh = anytime he drops something, usually intentionally.
25.  Nana = used for both Aunt Anna and a banana.
26.  MINE! = No translation needed.

He is becoming quite the Mommy's Helper.  
He loves to help throw my freshly folded clothes in the floor to "help" Mommy with laundry.  He recently discovered the broom.  
He likes to walk around the house and point out dirt and leaves on the floor to me, usually bringing them to me to throw away.  
He can't stand for drawers to be opened and closes all of them.  
He likes to arrange his toys and stuffed animals in neat little rows, and "reorganize" under the bathroom cabinets.  

He likes to pack for school...

He likes to read his daily progress reports...

And he loves to be tickled...

He's growing like crazy, and we're doing our best to keep up!

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